The DRIVETEL has a wide range of equipment in the area of ??mobile communications, some exclusive representation in Portugal and several more suited to market needs. In terms of coverage, is a response both in public spaces - with emphasis on large stores, hospitals, airports and Metropolitano de Lisboa - as in private areas.

Mobile communications

The DRIVETEL presents a wide range in terms of equipment for mobile coverage, with responses to different scenarios, indoor and outdoor monitoring and ensuring ongoing technical assistance. Represent, in terms of technologies, solutions FM / TETRA / CDMA / GSM / UMTS / WiFi / WiMAX and LTE.

Security systems are one of the bets DRIVETEL, ensuring communications for Civil Protection and Fire in diverse environments and risk scenarios, including in tunnels and hospitals, via TETRA.

Active Equipments

In the category of active equipment products offer off-air analog and digital selective to the band or channel. The different solutions that can be shared by several operators, are framed within the ranges Pico / Micro / Macro, repeaters that provide cover indoor and outdoor.

On the roof of enclosed spaces, these units provide quality communications in areas ranging from 250 m2 up to 12,000 m2. . All of these approaches can be combined with a remote monitoring system (SNMP and heartbeat).

The service also optical repeaters that allow different combinations of the various technologies for large enclosed spaces.

Passive Equipments

Within the range of equipment assets, the DRIVETEL shall represent unique indoor and outdoor antennas, combiners, splitters and a whole range of equipment to ensure functionality and distribution of network coverage.

Wireline Communications

The DRIVETEL still represents a series of network equipment and systems FWA FH (licensed and unlicensed) consist of point-multipoint radio relay links and communication systems via satellite.





The Drivetel has the following certifications:

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